Outdoor Adventures on Land, Water & In-Between: Bear Claw Lodge

Bear Claw Lodge, Teen Adventure Retreat Haven.

Established in 2006, our adventure retreat camp offers teens a north woods "getaway" where fishing, hiking, canoeing, archery, and numerous other activities happen throughout the year.

The Bear Claw Lodge acts as a base camp from which we enjoy Wisconsin's wild north woods. Adult and teen volunteers constructed the lodge and trail system. Our camp is used during all four Wisconsin seasons, and thanks to the power of the sun and the use of solar energy we have ample electricity to power fans, AC, lights, a microwave, tools, and all our needs. Two wood stoves provide comfortable heat and ambiance all winter long.

For those rainy days when outdoor adventures are paused, we have indoor activities including pool, darts, chess, other board games...and there's always a project to complete.

Each day at camp there is a scheduled two-hour project for teens to help complete that may include light construction, cutting-splitting & hauling firewood, or general maintenance of trails and outbuildings.

Groups of teens and adult mentors do not exceed 8 people. Our groups are small and organized for relationship-building and safe adventures.

A signed waiver from a legal guardian is required for all who attend any of our outdoor retreats.

wvt camp kitchen
wvt camp overgrown driveway entrance with sign
wvt camp woodstove rock wall

Bear Claw Lodge is wildly overgrown on the first Summer trip, but inside is all is well and comfortable.

Teens often find the fire and wooded trails provide enough adventure. Building programs are frequent but easily accomplished. The brunt of all major construction is completed.

wvt camp south east view cabin
Camp groups
wvt camp woodchipper atc dalton
camp atvs
wvt camp pool player dalton
Camp zipline
We are still working on beds
wvt camp roel weed wacking
wvt camp guys along river fishing
wvt camp addition work group (2)
wvt camp guys at fire cooking crayfish
wvt kayaking on main creek
wvt camp fork in trail

Wildlife Abounds

Black bear, bald eagle, turkey, coyote, grouse, and deer sightings are common. We are always cautious and courteous to our wilderness neighbors.

wvt bear west trail
wvt camp eagle snow (2)
wvt camp deer in snow
wvt camp turkey (2)

Diverse Weather and Seasonal Beauty are Amazing

All seasons are enjoyed here and each provides unique discoveries.

wvt camp freezing fog
wvt camp winter zipline tower
wvt late fall trail with leaves
wvt camp trail breaking
wvt camp red trees along snafu
wvt camp spring runoff

Enjoying Even The Elusive Terrain

We are crossing the swamp the hard way...this pallet bridgeway allows access to parts of the camp previously limited by the terrain.

wvt camp swamp walkway
wvt camp swamp walkway
wvt camp snowy entrance
wvt camp overgrown driveway entrance with sign
wvt camp entrance spring time (2)

The fauna during Summer is wild and beautiful.

Only a mile away is a delightful creek holding fish, crawdads, wildlife, and the frequent canoe and kayak trip.

wvt camp main creek
wvt camp main creek bend